“We advise individual and institutional clients in complex white collar matters.”

We defend and advise our clients during all stages of criminal and regulatory proceedings.

Our substantive focus is the defense of white collar, business and tax crime cases. We defend and counsel individual and corporate clients at all stages of criminal and regulatory investigations and prosecutions.

We are an independent entity and absolutely free of conflicts of interest.

White collar matters are very often complex, legally and in scope, and involve multiple targets and jurisdictions. We therefore work as a team, often with colleagues from other firms across Germany and internationally. Our broad and reliable network of attorneys, tax advisers and auditors permits us to assemble the perfect team of advisers for each individual case.

We excel in cross-border cases, especially cases with a nexus to the United States.

We can draw from our broad experience in international matters. Our partners belong to the leading firms in their respective jurisdictions. Many white collar cases today have a transnational dimension. Most German companies’ business expands well beyond national borders. Defense lawyers therefore need reliable and strong international partners.

We think of ourselves as crisis managers.

The collateral risks associated with a criminal case are critical, too, especially the potential exposure for professional or civil liability, and media coverage detrimental to a client’s reputation. We work hand in hand with expert partners in managing these related issues.